To provide a complete solution for the gamer without the gamer needing to change his behaviour in anyway.

On this page you’ll find:

  1.  A video demo of the installation and use of the Alpha version
  2.  A summary of the product and its components with graphics and bullet point explanation of each component
  3.  The “Alpha Report” – a detailed explanation of how we achieved the platform’s KPIs with real world testing and real world data and results
  4.  Instructions on how you can add your name to the waiting list to become a beta tester and then at the very bottom.

Demo Mining Plug-in
Installation & User Interface Gamer Solution Summary

Gaimin Alpha Report


To get on the best test please email our Chief Product Officer, Calvin Adamus, at [email protected] and he will reply to you with some basic questions about your PC, GPU, CPU, how much time you can test for etc. Once you have replied to Calvin’s questions you’ll be added to the Beta user waiting list and contacted accordingly. Thank you.