The world is requiring more and more processing power and Gaimin is creating a global decentralised supercomputer



To create the world’s most powerful, decentralised supercomputer – by harnessing the dormant processing power of the global gaming community.



To be the “Uber” of processing power – allowing gamers to pay for their hobby by passively monetising their high powered PCs when they are not using them without impact or degradation. is where a gamer’s computer power meets CGI, rendering and High Performance Computing and where the gamer is rewarded handsomely is a software platform company which links gaming computer power to the worldwide needs for High Performance Computing Power.
This means that a gamer can now be rewarded for simply downloading and installing the platform, and then letting it work in the background without affecting gaming performance in any way.


Martin Speight


Experienced entrepreneur and business strategy consultant. Over 28 years background in sales & marketing. Founder of specialist online marketing consultancy. Specific experience working with Internet startups developing systems and processes for planned growth. Blockchain, AI and technology enthusiast

Andrew Faridani


Founder of Canada’s largest local digital agency,  with 18 years experience, specializing in online advertising, branding and social media

Vast experience in staff management, business processes, systems, scaling and development

Robert van Schaik


30 years of business formation and management experience, founded several successful online businesses

Startup investor specializing in technology and blockchain

Calvin Adamus


Blockchain specialist and strategic blockchain solution advisor.

Software developer, social media expert and community building specialist.

Clive Aroskin


Focused on company operations & logistics with in-depth knowledge in event management &
community development.

Buki Ben Natan


Extensive knowledge of blockchain technologies and all aspects of IT product development. Vast experience with big data tech., stack & machine learning.


Miguel Ferrero


Gaming Advisor for the Hispanic Markets
CEO No Name Sport; business Mentor, Teambuilding Coach, Formacion outdoor, Sport event, Digital Marketing and VR Specialist

Shaun Martelly


30 Years of experience in Public relation, marketing, and public speaking.
Successful in raising funds for several crypto technology companies.

Beverley Warburton

Branding specialist, Gamification and gamer community advisor

Enrique Santos

Technical stock market analyst for 18 years. Author of 4 books on analysis based on Elliott Wave Theory and Fibonacci patterns models.
Specialized in intraday trading on currencies and index futures, utilizing systems around analysis and stable trading that is based on human behaviour patterns.

Roman Golovakha

VP Product Development

Software Engineer and Architect with 18 years of experience in research and development, from concept to product. Blockchain specialist with over 15 years of skills development as a Pro-Gamer. Delivery of numerous mobile applications, websites and cloud solutions for start-ups and established enterprises in the field of entertainment, banking and TV.


Arjan Eikelenboom

Founder of blockchain educational event The Crypto Roadshow.
Arjan has over 10 years of experience in private banking, asset and wealth management and investing in disruptive technologies. He is also a Solar Energy Expert and author of critically acclaimed Dutch Solar Energy Guide.

Debasis De

B.E (Chem), MBA, PGDSE

Ambassador India and South Asia.
Debasis is an entrepreneur by profession. He has a proven track record of
more than two decades and has helped several companies increasing their
footprints in India and South Asia.

Sander de Bruijn

Sander is a serial entrepreneur and investor with vast experience in business development, marketing, sales management, startups and social media. He is a public speaker, crypto investor, and consultant.

Sebastiaan Moorfield

Founder of Top Tier Advisory Platform Bears & Bullish.
Sebastiaan is one of the few Seniors in the global Crypto Space, bringing over 7 years of experience, insight and knowledge. His unique way of building relationships and creating out-of-the-box opportunities resulted in vast and valuable professional network.


Alexander Shulgin

One of the foremost authorities on blockchain technology and crypto mining

Emad Mostaque

Co-CIO of Capricorn Fund Managers and an experienced investor in artificial intelligence, crypto assets and the video games sector

Mike Powers

SVP at CBS Interactive Games, GM at GameSpot, GameFAQs, Giant Bomb

Simon Quirke

FCA approved Compliance and Money Laundering Reporting Officer (CF 11, CF10), Director of an international FX broker, Over 30 years experience in the Financial Markets

Zach Aufort

CEO & Founder of &
Mining & Hashpower Specialist

Michael Elbaz

Entrepreneur with 8 years experience in esports, new media, branding, and digital advertising. Founder of e-Srael Gaming & Keep it Free

Michiel van der Steeg

Cryptocurrency strategy advisor

Dáithí Coombes

Smart Contract Advisor

Joseph McDermott

Business Development Advisor, Specializing in Crypto Currency

Amanda Lennon

Business Development Advisor and Funding

Larry Brooks

Sales Trainer, best selling author, and Personal Development Coach
International Motivational Speaker, Executive Mentor, and Solution Specialist

Levon Movsessian

Crypto Currency Consultant, Specializing In Blockchain And Trading Education Development, Social Media Marketing, and Tech Development. Successful Entrepreneur Developing 4 Corporations By Age 25. Passionate Philanthropist, Founding And Collaborating With Over 8 Animal Charities Around The World.

Paul Walton

Entrepreneur, marketer, concept perception, clarity, conversion and optimization consultant
More than 30 years experience direct response marketing and copywriting
Software systems creation, testing, user Interface optimization, and troubleshooting

Martin Manning

Chairman and Finance Director of multiple companies in technology, software, and construction
Management consultant and Board Adviser on corporate strategy, business development, finance, and fundraising. Investment Director of large investment fund targeting growth opportunities

Caroline Cary

Over 25 years running and delivering large fundraising projects and corporate events.
A visionary with a dynamic attitude towards making things happen.

Huib Kuyt

Technical support engineer with 14 years experience in hardware and software.
Experienced blockchain researcher and crypto miner. Digital currency expert.

Charlie Blake

Finance professional with a focus on Emerging Markets. Director level positions at Macquarie, Citigroup, Managing Director of Religare Capital, the emerging market brokerage. Focus on financing infrastructure projects in emerging Asia. Close links with the hedge fund community.

Josep Rosich

EOS.IO Blockchain Advisor. Founder of BlockDapps Lab and eosBarcelona, an EOS.IO Block Producer Candidate. Five years of experience in video games industry.

Carlos Hernandez

Proven business development professional and top performer. 5+ year successful career in media, now brings his approach to Gaimin. Also a self taught developer – with a two pronged approach on the technical side & non-technical side he brings a very unique skillset to Gaimin.

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