A diverse range of people are buying tokens in Gaimin…this is why


As the imminent Token Offering for Gaimin on the exchanges comes into view, the key word is….




Development funding has an impact.  It frees up resources and makes things possible:

  • To underpin the foundations of a business, putting it on a firm footing
  • It removes obstacles to progress
  • It makes progress more predictable and linear
  • It allows changes and adaptations to projects and helps to get things done quicker
  • It also helps to keep businesses and people more accountable

That said:


  • Money can be squandered, and frittered away if the right checks and balances are not in play
  • It has to be directed to the places and activities that are going to get the best results- it has to be used wisely


Momentum has to be maintained and managed.  If fundamentals are not followed, it can quickly dissipate.  Juggling skills are called for.

Money makes growth possible, and here is a picture to save some words on this topic:

Ensuring liquidity in the markets is essential at any launch. Most fledgling businesses engage in a full spectrum of activities to get the word out and to drum up interest. Inevitably, part of the social media buzz is provided by individuals interested in projects who then shout about them on social media.  Air Drops are one tactic that is widely used, and commonly accepted.  Individuals receiving tokens are not usually considered to be in it for the long-term, they look to cash in, in the early days of the tokens being traded.

Flotations or Offerings, Can Be a Risky Business

On the other hand those that have been onboard from the early stages of projects often track progress of the business and form their own opinion. They are perhaps like voters with a long term party allegiance who have the capability to turn into floating voters, at the election, or flotation.  Will they hold on, convinced of the viability of the business and expect greater long term gains?  Or will they, at the other extreme, fully cash in?

Then there are those that might be termed “grapevine” introductions.  “Have you heard about this (name of project) business Jim/Jane?  I am in, you should have a look”…and include commentators, friends, family, organisations…and given the amounts gained (and lost) in the crypto space, the sums speculated can be considerable.

Then there is the ripple effect, of the fanfare around a launch, co-ordinated with professional marketing buzz…Exchanges promote offerings, influencers are recruited, advertising campaigns swing into action…and whether you consider it as an opportunity or FOMO, it all happens…and punters arrive in numbers.

For most businesses, an offering is just the end of the beginning phase of development.

Boards can be constituted, specialist roles can be created and honed and of course, funded.

Few businesses look exactly the same after funds flood in.

That may be where the fundamentals of the business come into play.  If you need a refresher on what Gaimin is all about then check out the latest corporate video…It is not groundbreaking, but simply seeks to reinforce the value of the offering.

In past articles, we have made much of the real-world offerings that Gaimin has brought to the table, and presented…in a format and way that has industry experts full of enthusiasm. As the Managing Partner of their Accountants, Paul Cheetham-Karcz said “Sedulo are delighted to be working with such an innovative company as Gaimin.  We have seen the progress the business has made over the past 12 months and it’s going to be exciting to not just follow the journey, but be a part of it, in the future.  They have a proposition that could be revolutionary in the data space.” The solidity of the team, of the foundations, legal and accounting partners, software development and so forth have all been carefully considered and put in place. In fact one of the partners of their UK Law Firm, Sam Mabon at Brabners put it “ …. We were struck by the unique and creative proposition that Gaimin offer. The Gaimin team is experienced, committed and driven. We are delighted to be advising and representing Gaimin.”


Flotation is not a get rich quick opportunity for the founders.  There is a vesting period before any tokens can be sold by them.  Collaborators, advisers and broader team members holdings are slanted towards rewarding medium to longer term growth in the company.  In other words, greater rewards await by ensuring that the Gaimin.io project delivers to its potential.