Which Blockchain Are GAIMIN On?

Because there have been a few questions regarding which blockchain we are using at GAIMIN, and which token people will receive, here is the explanation.

Short Version

  • When we first started, we thought EOS would be the best option for us (as did many gaming projects), but it turned out not to be the case.
  • Then after a lot of frustration and research, we decided to move to the outstanding Polygon solution, which is the blockchain we are on right now and the blockchain we will be listing on.
  • At some point, after listing, although we haven’t yet decided on a fixed date, our intention is to move to Hedera Hashgraph, which our developers consider to be the optimal solution for our platform.

The Full Story

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away…

…Just kidding, the story isn’t actually that long 🙂

When we first started to look at the best blockchain for GAIMIN we were directed towards EOS, which at the time looked like it was going to be the perfect solution for all things gaming. The problems ETH had with scaling, transaction fees, and speed all seemed to be solved by EOS. Many other gaming projects thought the same and for a while, EOS seemed to be the default choice for gaming projects.

However, our frustration grew with EOS for several reasons, although one stood out… And anyone who has used EOS may understand… the need for CPU and RAM in your wallet in order to make EOS transactions was not user-friendly, in our opinion.

So we started to look for a better solution, and spoke to the people at Polygon. Their solution is truly wonderful. A layer 2 solution that offers “all the benefits of ETH, without any of the challenges” (like high GAS fees).

Many gaming projects are now with Polygon and they have achieved phenomenal growth because they are an outstanding solution. Accordingly, we made our change to Polygon.

So what about Hedera?

To cut a long story short, we were advised to take a look at Hedera …So we chatted to them, and our tech team was blown away by their enterprise-level DLT (distributed ledger technology), and all the work that they had done which allows software developers to easily make the best use of their extraordinary technology.

And while there are certain aspects of Hedera that don’t make it the ideal crypto to list with, at this moment in time, there are a lot of factors that make it the ideal infrastructure technology to use for a software platform like ours.

The truth is that all decisions we make at GAIMIN are for the benefit of our users… gamers. So we simply couldn’t ignore Hedera and took the decision that we intend to move from Polygon to Hedera at some point after our listing.

To date our platform has been developed to function on both Polygon and Hedera, so we can “hedge our bets”, should the landscape change again. And to allow us to make the intended change at the most appropriate time with all factors being considered, and without causing disruption to our users.


  1. If I had the original EOS tokens what happens?
    • You should by now have performed the simple swap process. This only affected a few hundred people and is all under control. See the associated blog post for details of how to swap if you haven’t swapped yet.
  2. Which token will we list with?
    • Our GMRX token at listing will be a Polygon token.
  3. When will I get my tokens?
    • All tokens will be released after listing in accordance with the vesting periods.
  4. When will GAIMIN switch to Hedera?
    • We haven’t made the final decision yet, our intention is sometime after listing, possibly Q2 of 2022.
  5. So, if I have bought tokens, how do I receive them?
    • You will need to add a Polygon wallet in the dashboard, we’ll be giving simple instructions shortly on this.
  6. What if I added a Hedera wallet in the dashboard?
    • You will need to go back and submit a Polygon wallet, we’ll be issuing a notice about this very soon, it’s a very simple thing to do and will take literally less than one minute.
  7. Isn’t this all a bit messy?
    • It is not ideal. However, we are in an industry where newer and better solutions are appearing and we are very happy that we will be using the best solutions possible for our platform and users. And that’s what matters most, as we plan to be here for many, many years to come.
  8. How will I get updates?
    • keep reading our website blog, follow us on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Discord. All channels will be used to update our users.