VONNICON advances with technology, from an ordinary shoe brand to smart shoes and now partners with Gaimin to combine IoT wearable products to the gaming world and into users’ daily lives.

Partnership between VONNICON and Gaimin will commence on 8 March 2020. Currently, VONNICON is focusing enabling their users to use their app to track their health and in return users will get cryptocurrencies as a form of rewards. Their tracking technology or “walking chip” mounted on the shoe will collect health data and then optimized in their digital healthcare platform. The chip is currently working and is going through a series of beta test for the early adopters to trial the results.

MinJu Kim, CEO of VONNICON told Blockcast.cc Reporter Joann Park: “We have a comprehensive ecosystem from exercise management, integration into smart devices, marketplace, data analysis to future functions such as donations. Gaimin gave us new idea to combine what we do right now into a more fun-like gaming community. This allows us to attract more user base from all walks of life. Elderly folks who want to sit down and play a chess game can earn tokens from Gaimin, while the gamers who take a break from their keyboard and walk around to enjoy more rewards. More importantly, in our discussion, we want to enable gamifications to our daily lives. Gaimin is a perfect working partner for us.”

VONNICON is supported by NOITA. ‘NOITA’ walking shoes are healthcare shoes that NOITAVONNI develops, produces and sells. It is a unique health care system and world-class product, with research, development, production and sales for 17 years from 2002. It is the best healthcare shoe recognized for its technology and excellence by having 18 domestic patents for original technology and international patents in China and Japan, as well as the US and Europe. VONNICON builds the additional blockchain health layer on to the well-designed shoes to form the unique positioning.

“The strategic relationship Vonicon and NOITA is a good match. Same goes for Vonnion and Gaimin. Gamification is our expertise and when MinJu told us what we can do together, we were very excited about it. My team and I are very simple people, we were just thinking about our gamers and how they can use our platform for their gaming needs. VONNICON brought us into a new dimension, merging the virtual world with daily life. This is a good use case for the blockchain gaming industry. I will speak to a few game developers too on how we can collaborate a task orientated game with augmented reality on our platform that will work well with VONNICON’s walking chip. This will be a game changer.” Martin Speight, CEO of Gaimin.io explained further.

This is a beginning of a new partnership. You can obtain more information on parties at www.VONNICON.io and www.gaimin.io.

VONNICON integrates blockchain technology into healthcare, allowing various companies and organizations in the ecosystem to collect and analyze health data from personal health records, mobile and wearable devices, IoT, etc. in an easier, safer and more efficient way at lower cost. In addition, the company intends to build a global healthcare platform that enables the sharing of relevant data with each other and enables individual users to access optimized and customized healthcare solutions. VONNICON is registered in South Korea and has 15 boutiques all together.