Press coverage

We are pleased that the Gaimin project receives so much media attention. In this section we’ll try and list as many publications as possible.

金色财经:Gaimin.io将在ProBit Exchange上进行IEO

Gaimin.io将在ProBit Exchange上进行IEO

WBOC News: Launches IEO on ProBit Exchange to Advance their Blockchain Gaming Platform

今曰头条 Toutiao: 区块链教父AS谈“为什么他看好区块链,游戏化和”

区块链教父Alexander Shulgin谈“为什么他看好区块链,游戏化和”

Virtual Strategy Magazine: The Godfather of Blockchain Alexander Shulgin on ‘Why he is Bullish…

Godfather of Blockchain Alexander Shulgin on ‘Why he is Bullish on Blockchain, Gamification &’

Fox 34: Biconomy First IEO Sells out: Generates Major Traction in the Blockchain & Gaming Industry

BCCPost: Gaimin, Biconomy 첫 IEO 성공적으로 매진

今曰头条 Toutiao: Biconomy首发IEO售罄:Gaimin.io引发区块链和游戏产业融合新浪潮

Biconomy 첫 IEO 성공적으로 매진: Gaimin.io가 블록체인 및 게임 산업 융합 열풍 이끌어

Biconomy 首发IEO成功售罄:Gaimin.io引发区块链和游戏产业融合新浪潮

Korea Industry Center News: 채굴 프로그램 테스트 완료, 제품 전면 런칭 예정