Here’s a quick, bullet-point summary of the state of the project as of today 10th September 2020

Current status.

  • We had some very unfortunate timing with the Probit launch in South Korea, we literally coincided with the Covid national emergency there, but it’s not what happens, it’s how you react to what happens that matters.
  • We took the decision to raise further funds privately, and focus on developing our platform.
  • We will now not be listing our GMRX on an exchange until we have had a minimum private Beta testing version with a yet to be determined user base, 100-1,000 people, and demonstrable results, which looks to be quite close. ,
  • We believe that although this may mean waiting longer than initially envisaged and we are only talking a few more months, this is the best decision for every single token holder and the best decision for the company.

The Gaimin team understands the frustration of the delayed listing.

  • Given the advancements made with the platform, we have decided not to list “prematurely” but instead wait until we have users and proven revenue.
  • We are looking at the big picture and at the best overall outcome and taking the best decisions for Gaimin is what works for the token holders and the company moving forward and in the long term.

Where are we with the platform?

  • We now have a stable platform, which is in the private beta stage.
  • It currently takes its own monetization decisions. Autonomous decision making is part of the larger Machine Learning functionality.
  • Smart monetization: in other words, we can now use some of the GPU even if a user is gaming or using his PC.
  • We are consistently achieving KPI of $1 days (or close to), and converting those rewards into USDT, which will soon be automated.
  • We are working on CPU monetization as well which will help increase the rewards.
  • The NEP (referral program) is more or less ready, without the frills, but functionally almost done, which means when we launch we will have the viral growth option built-in.
  • The whole platform has been built using a framework that will allow us to also monetize a Mac, but more about that later. By the way, the framework we are using is the same framework that was used to build Whatsapp, Slack, and Twitch.
  • In our opinion, and to the best of our knowledge, even at the private beta stage, we believe the platform to be the best of its type out there right now.
  • We now have 5 developers including Buki working on the actual coding of the platform.

The next few months are really huge for us.

  • Q3 2020 finishes this month and a lot can happen in a month. And our plan is to move into a more public Beta version.
  • And Q4 is our most exciting period yet. You can see the latest roadmap on our website, and although nothing ever goes strictly according to plan, our intention, with a reasonable level of confidence is public beta/MVP, user acquisition to provide proof of rewards, all prior to a full GMRX token listing.
  • We are so close to achieving what very few companies in this space have done. Typically blockchain-related ventures listed their tokens with the primary intention to raise funds to see if they could make their project work, and we all know many didn’t. Our intention is to list with a fully working business model, revenue, full legal & banking structure, loyal dedicated team, with an amazing platform, and a growing user base.
  • Remember that we have already paid for a listing, which was done literally weeks before Covid caused the lockdown of South Korea and a couple of days before our 4th IEO took place. As we watched events unfold at the time, we took the decision to suspend the IEO and to hold off from listing on the exchange.
  • The decision that we weren’t going to list was an extremely difficult decision to make at the time, but we believe the last 6 months have proven it to be a wise one and since then our full focus has been on our platform and initial user base.
  • Now, when we do list, we will be doing so with a working platform, solid user base, and verifiable results. This will be so much better for all our token holders.

And finally, guys, if anyone wants to join our private beta testing can you please send an email to Calvin, [email protected]