Several hundred thousands of people must be on to something. The readiness to get involved in motor racing is evident.

The need to do so safely is propelling live games-based motor racing to the forefront.

And the objections to the format are few and far between as worldwide, hundreds of thousands of people flocking to the alternative demonstrates – Nascar included.

Just like the real thing…

esports is the delivery method.   With names like Fortnite, League of Legends, Mortal Kombat and others setting household standards, and representative of the genre in general.

Just as footballers (soccer) such as Rio Ferdinand stated, games and gaming are massive among sports stars.  And from all sports, so a stretch to a digital version can see pro athletes going up against pro gamers.

It is surely only a matter of time before someone adds a plug in smell kit for the gaming console so that viewers and participants can get the smell of burning rubber and race fuel to enhance the visual and auditory experience of the gaming experience?

Expect more esports versions of mainstream sport.  Tennis, hockey, rugby, football, baseball and so forth.

Nature abhors a vacuum, according (to history) as Aristotle said.  The vacuum being left by live sport is about to be filled by esports.  The virtual world of gaming is in a cross over trajectory with the real thing.  And the appetite for the product reflects the take up rate.

Even if it does not presently pass the smell test.

Things are going to get interesting.