As Gaimin considers the best route to full-blown utility token launch, behind the scenes software development continues apace

It is not a question of “whether”, it is a matter of timing in that respect. Expect news imminently.

In the meantime…there are

3 Things about Gaimin’s software development path you might do well to know about. 


And these might be some of the questions you might have ……

Will the software work?  Will the platform (and people’s assets) be secure?  What if billions of gamers join – can the software cope?


So, here goes…

1 Expansion capabilities –

  • Demand will be super-closely monitored, every additional 1,000 users triggers a review of capacity relative to demand
  • Server space can be increased in minutes
  • Demand is dynamic and can be managed dynamically too, waiting lists, countdown clocks, email list management can be singly or jointly deployed to balance supply to demand

2 Security and GDPR

  • Third party industry leader stores data on secure servers
  • Completely GDPR compliant in multiple jurisdictions
  • Modules remaining are of little interest to external malicious entities, as they contain/enable little if anything of value in their own right

3 Software fitness for purpose

  • Functionality requirements follow a defined growth path, and are delivered as income and expansion funds come on stream
  • Demand can be managed (see expansion capabilities above), however all in-house modules are already tested for robustness and scaling
  • Some external or third party services can be brought in house when time and development budgets permit, making the bottom line more profitable

The path ahead…

Buki Ben Natan, one of the founders of the project is responsible for software development and maintains that all of the bases are covered.  Software has been developed and tested, not only for where Gaimin is at the minute, but in anticipation of a full-scale launch.


“The questions posed at the outset are representative of what we have been asked, by investors, and advisors.” They have also been central to Buki’s road map.


So, it looks like the engine room is ready for full steam ahead….