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Project Overview


Gaimin offers gamers (users) access to a next generation, machine learning, self-optimizing, AI-based, crypto mining application allowing the user to acquire crypto assets through “Proof of Work” crypto mining using his own hashpower. Gaimin also goes a step further and allows the user to take advantage of a percentage of any other user’s hash power they refer to Gaimin.

Due to the unique nature of the mining application the user needs no prior knowledge of crypto mining or even crypto coins or blockchain technology. The software application is a simple “1-click install” and the machine learning AI application auto manages all aspects of the mining setup, optimization, and ongoing management of the mining experience. The user is 100% hands off, and mining coins profitability.

Users pay a small subscription fee, payable in GMRX tokens to access the software, which is taken automatically from the user’s crypto asset balance each month. This means users effectively never pay a dime to use Gaimin – it pays for itself. Gaimin also retains a percentage of all hashpower ran through the platform for ongoing development, engagement, and expansion efforts.

By using Gaimin, users are able to realize a greater hash power for no additional cost to themselves (ie, purchasing additional rigs), and are able to earn passive rewards from the platform in the form of digital gaming assets. This makes Gaimin far more user-friendly and ultimately much more profitable than other mining software solutions on the market.

To summarize, Gaimin is an AI-driven, machine learning crypto mining software application that allows users to direct unused computing power from their GPU and CPU to mine crypto assets – all without having to know anything about blockchain technology or crypto mining complexities.

It provides a simple entry method for mass adoption of cryptocurrency by a huge demographic already living largely digital lives, and ensures “Proof of Work” blockchains maintain their integrity as originally envisaged.

User Growth Forecast

Gaimin anticipates healthy adoption and retention of gamers due to the inherent sense of community and gamification both present within the fabric of gamers and their communities, but also the Gaimin Software.

Hashrate Growth Forecast

Based on User Growth Forecast, we have also projected the total Hashrate Growth Forecast for the next year.