Why would you want to invest in anything less?

  • The demand for Computational Power (CP) is current and growing
  • The shortage is becoming more and more evident and that growing exponentially
  • As long as Gaimin can be seen to provide the solutions and can manage that exponential growth, the team and investors are on to a winner.

We can deliver proof that it works and does so reliably, but can it be scaled up as well?


The market place and demand is beyond doubt.  The centrality of the blockchain to day to day life is beyond doubt.  The capacity of the Machine Learning app to deliver the necessary muscle to get the tasks that businesses need doing done, has been proven.  (Alpha Test Update to be provided by case summary PDF in return for sign up)

Processing power aggregation and then deployment for the blockchain, holograms, academic data processing amongst other applications is critically necessary.

An analogy we like to use is that of solar panels on a householder’s roof generating electricity. For the householder it is either being used directly, or when it is not called upon, is sold back to the national grid.  Electricity is just the means to an end. We do not have dishwasher electricity, we don’t have TV electricity. We just have end appliance agnostic electricity. It just makes things work. Ditto Gaimin dormant processing power is just processing power capacity, to be used wherever it is directed.

The SWOT analysis side of things could potentially throw up issues with the hardware by proxy model.  Without overclocking there is no evidence of machine degradation by running our software on gamer’s machines.

Which leads us on to reliability-

With no degradation of proxy PC’s, and proven capacity of the AI side of things there exist two more elements to consider.

Can the supply side be scaled up?  

We cannot sign up gamers in advance on the promise of jam tomorrow.  We have recruited beta testers. And it works. (Alpha Test Update to be provided by case summary PDF in return for sign up)

The demand side is already there, and we believe and have modelled that we can manage balanced, managed and fast growth.  Our advisory team agrees.

So, to slightly mangle the questions, we are 100% confident that we can reliably manage supply and demand to deliver scalable growth.

We believe therefore that what we offer is proven, reliable and scalable.

This makes Gaimin unique, and a unique opportunity to be part of it exists.  Get in touch to find out more.