One Small Step for Gaimin, One Giant Leap for Gamers

OR as Neil Armstrong actually said “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind

Gaimin’s software was deployed into Live Beta testing on 20th October 2020.


“A Covid-19, recession-resistant, increasingly recognised sector meets its game-changing, social and dollar integrated solution.” claimed one of Gaimin’s Top Advisors


No fanfare, no celebrations, just business as usual, and definitely…no drama.


The process is similarly drama free, and is running smoothly. This applies to all aspects, of Gaimin phase Zero:

  • The NEP (Network Expansion Plan) software is running to support the onboarding of gamers and thereby generate further development revenue – no small matter…
  • The mining algorithms and their AI underpinnings have been proven to be effective and to provide rewards for gamers (even without the benefits of the NEP) and will become more so as machine learning leverages efficiency.
  • Withdrawal functionality now up and running



With the KPI of $1 per day being consistently reached or breached: with one tester at almost $3 per day using the latest GPU, an NVidia 2080


You can find out what all the fuss is about by following Gaimin for yourself as the full launch draws ever closer, with a recent Cyber Monday engagement.  All you will need is a gaming PC with a GPU, and to download the free software platform…


Prior to launch, if you have a gaming PC with a GPU and want to join the existing Beta test group, contact [email protected] to get a link to download the platform and help Gaimin create history.


With the soft launch now on course to take place in November, it means that listing of the GMRX token should take place in early 2021.


Subscribers, investors and the gaming community, even the interested onlooker all have a stake, virtual or real….


How appreciative are we of our early investors and others who have supported us throughout, and who can now begin to see real-world evidence of progress?