With a target of over 1 million active users in its network, the majority of whom will be gamers, GAIMIN has a high level of social responsibility to this influential community. GAIMIN will create socially responsible approaches to gaming to ensure its community balances the enjoyment of games with the non-gaming aspects of their lives.

GAIMIN will bring gaming to under-developed countries and communities. Through future initiatives such as bespoke designed, dual GPU hardware, GAIMIN will provide access to leading edge IT systems to underprivileged global users. The provision of hardware and communications infrastructure not only benefits the recipients but GAIMIN via GAIMIN’s data processing network. The cost of these services will be covered by the processing power utilised from within the PC devices.

Disability and physical limitations to not exist in the digital world. GAIMIN will inherit this philosophy in the physical world. GAIMIN are looking to offer devices, solutions and gaming accessories that provide the gaming experience to those people whose disabilities prevent them from fully participating in a gaming experience

GAIMIN will build gamification into the GAIMIN application and dashboards. This will include themes such as personal development, personal responsibility, leadership, morals, ethics and social responsibility. Combined with formalised skills development, such as game development, computer programming, economics and education providers, GAIMIN has the power to shape 1.5 billion youthful minds.

No gamer left behind!