Welcome everyone! Another great interview with Gaimin’s Chief Gaming officer, Miguel Ferrero, and his passion for gamification experiences and games in augmented reality and virtual reality environments. Tell us a bit about yourself and your background, what is your specialty? What excites you?

Miguel: I am the CEO of No Name Games, we take video games into real life for team building experience in companies.

I’m a professional gamer and I have more than 15 years organizing gaming competitions and events. 

In the last four years, I have been working with virtual reality games, augmented reality experiences and drones.

The most exciting thing for me is the future of virtual reality and how they will change our way to play and learn, and experience things, travel, work, meeting with people and much more. How did you get in contact with Gaimin? Are you a gamer?

Miguel: I have been a gamer since I was 6 years old. I’m a professional gamer and all my work and my life have to be with games, augmented reality; gamification; and virtual reality. When I heard about the Gaimin idea, I realized this was what I was looking for years; a way to make extra income from my profession that allows me to invest in my game equipment, computers, VR glasses, etc. Please tell us more, sounds that you do cool stuff! Share with the readers what you do, and if you do anything specifically related to gaming. 


Miguel: We do gamification experiences and games in augmented reality and virtual reality environments for people to learn new things. We organize teams and competitions like the European Clan war 5vs5, Hunger games, or Games of Thrones. What are your thoughts about the idea that Gaimin has to assemble a custom gaming PC with 2 gpu’s? Do you think that it could work? 


Miguel: Wow, it is a fantastic way to support your hobby and your work if you are a gamer. It is an incredible way to be always updated with the latest technology, games, and all the staff in the professional gaming world.


At the beginning it was very difficult for me to have the best computer to play in high level competitions. I would have really liked to have a Gaimin computer in my first years as a professional gamer, it would have helped a lot! What do you think about the Gaimin platform? And why? 



Miguel: Gaimin is a great way to share your knowledge about games, and learn from other players, find helpful advice and resources, and support thousands of people who share your same interests. Thank you Miguel, is there anything you wish to add or comment? 


Miguel: Our world is changing in an exponential way; games and experiences will be developed much more than ever in this new era with all the new technologies that are coming and we are fascinated to be a part of this revolution.