We think it’s about time we introduced another of our key advisors to our followers. Beverley Warburton is a well-respected corporate advisor to the direct selling community. Hi Bev, can you give an introduction to yourself please?

BevHi, was fortunate to stumble into my career in the direct selling industry working with UK and French companies in the mid-1980s.   A world of opportunity opened up to me, when I joined a US software house that still today provides solutions and consultancy services to direct selling companies on four continents.  Over the next decade or so, I worked my way up to the position of GM for Europe and Asia and my many clients included Virgin Vie (a Branson company), Unilever and Avon.

I have worked corporately with other globally successful companies, such as the multi-billion NuSkin, Synergy International and a successful travel-industry disrupter.

My passion is helping others achieve their corporate goals and to that end, I have run my own consultancy and businesses for almost 30 years, primarily offering operational expertise to US and Asian companies entering the European market. My core field of expertise is operations, alongside extensive experience in sales, marketing and gig-economy community development.

So, how do you know Clive and the rest of the Gaimin.io team?

BevA few years ago, I was introduced to Clive by along-time business associate and friendWe hit it off immediately – his positivity and boundless energy is compelling. I was both surprised and intrigued when he shared the the Gaimin.io concept with me.  He painted an exhilirating ride into the world of blockchain technology, a world-wide community of gamer participants and events attended by thousands of happy folk benefitting from their involvement with Gaimin.io.

You’ve been with the team since almost day one, haven’t you?

BevYes, I was one of the first Advisors onboard – they were very persuasive and had bags of enthusiasm –which I correctly anticipated was backed up with the true grit and commitment to stay the course and make their goals a reality.

After a few conversations, I said “yes”, and we’ve been working together ever since. Earlier this year I spent an inspirational week with the team in Alicante in Spain, where we took a deep dive into the overall project plan.  It was also an opportunity for me to get an overview of the technical aspects from Buki, the super-energised, immensely talented CTO and his team.

So, you feel that we have an exciting project with great potential?

BevOh, my goodness yes, without a doubt!  I believe the very best ideas are most often born of simplicity.  This team have had the foresight to recognise an opportunity and the ability to grasp it with both hands.

What’s your view on the blockchain and gaming?

BevWith teenage boys and girls in the family, I am no stranger to the concept of gaming and the hardware involved.  I know they (and their parents) will relish the opportunity to create a gig-economy revenue stream from the hardware that they have invested in…    

And, every article I read about blockchain informs me that it will play a significant part in all our futures… Content published by Forbes last summer cited that the gaming industry will emerge as the major use case, as cryto and blockchain represent a natural evolution of an existing concept for gamers, who have been comfortable with non-standard digital currencies for years!

What is the most exciting part about Gaimin.io for you?

Bev: For me, the fact that Gaimin.io are creating a win – win situation for everyone involved.  The guys are 100% committed to that… and it is fabulously simple…The gamers’ computers will simply be used when the gamer is not gaming – without any noticeable impact on wear and tear of the components. In fact, our research has shown that most gamers upgrade their machines well before they have reached their ‘end of life’ anyway – making that aspect irrelevant. The gamers themselves are rewarded – it’s a passive, gig-economy income, that will fund their gaming experiences.

 I’m told that one of your focuses with Gaimin.io is ‘CommunityWhat does community mean in relation to businesses and brands?

Bevbelieve the days of a company being able to prosper, without engagement or conversation with their customers have come to an end…  Successful brands of the future seek out their customers interests, needs and behaviours, in an open, transparent relationship – building and retaining loyalty.  It’s really that simple. Stop assuming what your customers want, or don’t want for that matter.  Start engaging with them and they will tell you!

Where does the Community lie for Gaimin.io in your view?

BevContrary to popular belief, everyone within the gaming community is sociable. No-one plays an online game by themselves! It’s a social experience and that means that we can reach gamers easily both on and offline, through influencers and at conventions  like the Madrid Games Week we attended in October.

I believe we be a force for good in the gaming arena and help create an overarching community that will promote the support and friendships that many small gaming communities extend to each other, as well as enable us to effectively communicate with the Gaimin community members.

Are you doing this for the love of it, or for the money?

BevMy passion is creating and supporting gig-economy opportunities for people around the world.  Gaimin.io is a gig-economy opportunity – because it offers an easy way to generate rewards and income away from any full or part-time job the gamer may have. Or, it may help support them through their studies, or home-working.  My passion for the global gig-economy fuels my participation and support for Gaimin.io and the fantastic team driving the vision.
So, to answer your question, for now, I am doing it for the love of the project. I trust and believe implicitly in the people, and know when it is time to receive tokens for my services, they will be waiting for me on the blockchain…

We would like to get to know the advisors better, so what is your favourite pass-time?

Bev: Well, aside from nutritional health and wellness studies, I am a keen mountain hiker and remain committed to still hitting the ski-slopes of the world in my dotage!  I spend a huge amount of time online in work, so I take every opportunity to get outside to appreciate our amazing little planet.

Would you like to share a quote with our audience that has inspired you?

Bev: Like many people, I have grown up with a deep fascination and admiration for the adventurer, Ernest Shackleton.   “Optimism is true moral courage”, he said, a conviction he practiced daily as he whiled away his hours, always displaying his own towering “moral courage ” in the midst severely challenging circumstances that would have broken the spirit of almost every man or woman alive.  A reset thought for me if I feel inclined to give up on something or just be a bit negative.

Thank you for your time Bev! You have given us new knowledge on Gaimin.io and we got to know you a little better. Thank you once again!