Who needs to read this and take action: GAIMIN token holders who received airdrop tokens  or “bounty hunters” who received EOS GMRX tokens from GAIMIN.

As part of our continued improvement of the GAIMIN Platform and its underlying technology, we are in the process of migrating our backbone blockchain technology from EOS to Hedera Hashgraph. In addition, and in anticipation of our imminent GMRX token listing, we have also re-valued the GMRX token due to the increase in the maximum number of tokens to be issued from 5 billion to 100 billion. 

There is an impact on some early token holders which requires action to swap their EOS based tokens to Hedera Hashgraph HBAR based tokens. If you received GMRX tokens as part of the airdrop or “bounty hunter” campaign you need to read on. If you have GMRX tokens held on the GAIMIN TokenGet website dashboard, you are not affected and do not need to take any action. 

Owners of EOS-based GMRX tokens need to swap these tokens before 31st March 2022 to GMRX HBAR tokens to ensure they are not lost. At the same time, GAIMIN will apply the token re-valuation and convert 1 EOS GMRX to 20 HBAR GMRX at the time of swap. If you have tokens on the TokenGet website, your tokens have been automatically converted and re-valued so no action is needed.

To receive the swapped HBAR tokens, a Hedera HBAR compatible wallet needs to be created by the recipient prior to starting this process. If you do not have a Hedera compatible wallet please obtain one before starting the swap process as we need the address to enable receipt of swapped tokens. Compatible wallets can be found on the Hedera website Wallets and custodians | Hedera or you can use the wallet available from GAIMIN’s technology partner, venly.io.

To swap your tokens, please follow the process below. Note it is imperative you provide accurate details, especially in terms of wallet addresses. Incorrect details will result in your tokens being lost. GAIMIN will not take responsibility for lost tokens due to incorrect or invalid information provided. 

5 Step Swap Process

Step 1: Go to www.gaimin.io/swap

Step 2: Enter your details (please double check any wallet addresses carefully)

Step 3: Check your email for next instructions

Step 4: Send your EOS GMRX tokens as per instructions in email

Step 5: Receive your HBAR GMRX tokens in your HBAR wallet (60 days after listing)

Important Notes

  1. All swaps must be complete before 31st March 2022
  2. If you apply for the swap before the listing date, you will receive your tokens in your wallet 60 days after listing, allowing for our swap process.  If you swap after the listing, you will receive your tokens in your wallet 60 days from that date.
  3. GAIMIN is not responsible for any losses as a result of incorrect information provided
  4. 1 EOS GMRX will be converted to 20 HBAR GMRX (this is due to the increase in number of available GMRX and in readiness for the GMRX listing)
  5. You must have a HBAR compatible wallet available to receive your tokens

Swap Process – Step by Step

Step 1: Go to www.gaimin.io/swap

Step 2: Enter your details

Enter the following:

  1. Enter your EOS account name (wallet)
  2. Enter your HEDERA HASHGRAPH HBAR account name (wallet)
  3. Enter your First Name and Last Name
  4. Enter your email address
  5. Amount of tokens to swap
  6. Double check everything
  7. Click the SUBMIT button

Important Disclaimer: Incorrect details will result in the permanent loss of your GMRX tokens, therefore please double check everything very carefully before you click on the SUBMIT button.

Step 3: Check your email for next instructions

You will receive an email which confirms all the details you have entered in Step 2. 

Check these details are correct. If they are NOT correct, please inform us within 48 hrs. ([email protected])  If they are correct, proceed to Step 4. 

Step 4: Send EOS GMRX tokens to the GAIMIN wallet address in the email

You now need to send your EOS tokens to our GAIMIN EOS wallet and include in the description/memo your email address and your HBAR wallet address

Step 5: Receive your HBAR GMRX tokens

You will receive your HBAR GMRX tokens into your HBAR wallet 60 days after listing ( allow for swapping process to be completed). GAIMIN will, at the same time, increase your tokens to reflect the change in issued tokens – 1 EOS GMRX = 20 HBAR GMRX tokens.

For any questions related to this process please contact [email protected]