What kind of idiot would Ignore official advice not to hang out with friends, and attend mass gatherings?

Because it is perfectly ⓢⓐⓕⓔ  to do so, you are a gamer.

Dust off your old consoles.  Order in PIZZA, see which of your friends are playing and it is play time as usual.

The gaming world, at least the digital one- is unaffected.  Well, that is not strictly true. It is getting busier during what used to be the working week.

Sure physical events such as the gaming BAFTAS / E3 have been cancelled.  But as this article indicates, gaming is an ideal remedy for social and self-isolation.  E3 will most likely go ahead in digital format, which will be an interesting technical watch.

Of course gaming is social both off and on line and the cancellation of events is going to have a major impact on the gaming calendar.  No conventional hyped launches, physical shipments of gaming hardware may be affected and just a general lack of buzz in the physical world.

Still, for many the relief of social isolation and having something to do which they love is going to make it easier to get through the times ahead.

Just don’t expect any RSI symptoms you suffer to be a medical priority.