PC Gamers with underutilised, high performance Graphic Processing Units (GPUs) are now able to earn a passive income when they are not using their PC’s for gaming. 

Gaming and blockchain company, GAIMIN.IO, has launched a free PC-based application to harness the unused processing power in a high-performance GPU to create a supercomputer-level data processing network. 

Typically found in gaming PCs when not used for gaming, gamers can allow their GPU to join the GAIMIN data processing network and earn a passive income from their devices.

How does GAIMIN generate this income?

In 2018, CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella in a landmark speech announced, “The world is running out of data processing power”. 

The Digital Revolution has created a large number of new industries, each with their own ever increasing demand for processing data. The powering of blockchain computations is one example, commonly known as mining. With an increasing number of daily blockchain computations requiring increasingly more difficult computations and calculations to validate and close transactions, the demand for processing capability and computing power is ever increasing. 

Other industries, such as video and CGI rendering, scientific computing simulations, AI intensive applications and life science analytics, require an increasing demand for processing power. 

Large, centralised data processing centres are one solution, however these are not without their own risks and issues – they impact the local environmental and ecology, physical footprint is limited, centralised services are at risk from terrorism or natural disasters, energy consumption for operation, cooling and ventilation is considerable and impacts local energy capacity and they typically consume large amounts of fossil fuel. 

More importantly, centralised data centres are not ideal for some new industries and technology applications. Sophisticated new technologies, such as the powering of blockchain computations, require a different powering solution – a distributed network of global processing power – effectively a global decentralised supercomputer.

Technology solutions deliver secure and transparent services to industries however the biggest barrier is access to processing power. Centralised data processing centres are one solution however a decentralised data processing solution mitigates the issues and risks associated with centralised operations.

GAIMIN has developed a solution to decentralise processing power, harnessing a global availability of underutilised processing devices, creating a scalable solution as demand grows and falls, whilst delivering rewards to all stakeholders.

This source of underutilised processing power is found in PC-based gaming computers. The gaming industry is the largest and growing entertainment industry on the planet today. With 3.3 billion gamers worldwide by 2024 and 20% being PC-based gamers, there will be 600m gamers worldwide all with high performance PC’s. Gamers desire the ultimate gaming experience and build their gaming devices with the most highly performing components, more specifically GPUs, however these devices are only used for 20% of the day, often remaining switched on but unused for gaming.

GAIMIN’s platform harnesses this processing power and rewards the individuals participating in GAIMIN’s data processing network, generating a passive income for the participant and revenue for GAIMIN. This solves one of the gamer’s biggest problems – that of how they can fund their gaming experience both from a hardware perspective and also from an in-game experience. 

The GAIMIN PC-based application is completely free to download and run, no credit cards are required, and the gamer earns a passive income based on the performance of their device and the number of hours it remains connected to the GAIMIN network. Typically, this equates to between $30+ per month. 

The GAIMIN platform creates the optimal network to power the most profitable data processing computations, identifying the available processing devices, harnessing them to create a global data processing network with “supercomputer” processing capability and through AI, selects the most profitable use of the processing power.

Extensible monetization functionality is a key component of the GAIMIN platform. The platform currently monetizes through the powering of blockchain computations with 27 cryptos built into the AI Engine. Additionally, video rendering has successfully been trialled and other functionality is planned for future implementation. 

Rewards are paid in the form of the mined cryptocurrency, so to mitigate users receiving rewards in a multitude of different cryptocurrencies, GAIMIN consolidates rewards into a single cryptocurrency – GAIMIN’s own token, GMRX. Users receive rewards directly into their GAIMIN wallet and are free to convert their GMRX into a fiat currency, another crypto currency or spend their rewards on merchandise and accessories available from the GAIMIN marketplace.

GAIMIN will launch GMRX on cryptocurrency exchanges in January 2022, allowing GMRX to be traded and exchanged. Prior to the launch, GAIMIN will release 8,888 Genesis NFTs which provide the owner with a monthly GMRX airdrop for 12 months along with a physical token. These Genesis NFTs will be limited to 88 Black Gold, 2,800 Gold and 6,000 Silver with each category having its own dedicated utility. With a single purchase price and randomised allocation, purchase will be limited to 20 per person.

For more information on GAIMIN, the GMRX token and how to download the GAIMIN app and monetise your underutilised GPU, please go to www.gaimin.io

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