GAIMIN enters discussions with TipsyCoin/TipsyVerse to utilise GAIMIN tech in the development of their metaverse ecosystem


GAIMIN and TipsyCoin have signed a Letter of Intent to enter into negotiations to investigate how GAIMIN technology can be used by TipsyCoin to develop their metaverse and cryptocurrency project #TipsyVerse.

Having developed plugins for Minecraft, GAIMIN are currently developing an SDK to integrate blockchain functionality with the Unreal Game Engine. This will propel the TipsyVerse experience to new heights.

GAIMIN provides a base layer for game developers to build NFTs, blockchain functionality and white-label gaming tokens into games, gaming platforms and Metaverse which is functionality required in the TipsyVerse project. 

GAIMIN and TipsyVerse are fleshing out the details of the partnership over the coming weeks and will make announcements on the GAIMIN blog and social media as details are finalised.

For further information on TipsyVerse please see their website and follow them on their social media channels.