The path to true love rarely runs smoothly…. and as a team, we are continually revising what we can best do to bring about the results the business needs. Security, stability and sustained growth are fundamental, this is not a short run thing.

We know the debt that we owe to those that believed in us in the very beginning, you, our initial token holders. We are guided by our responsibilities in continuing to build a business that has longevity and the success that exceeds our expectations.  

Some milestones are achieved before schedule, others take longer. Sometimes plans have to be altered and adapted in the light of new information. In the long run the difficult decisions shape a business more than the easy ones.

So, 3 things about 3 updates and some conclusions that will be of interest

1. GMRX has landed.

a) Our platform is now “live”.  All earned rewards along with any and all transactions, such as NFT purchases, can now be seen on the blockchain. GMRX tokens can even be exchanged for NFTs within the Marketplace

b) The development of a Minecraft API is ground breaking and will allow gamers to purchase assets in the game with GMRX. No small thing, even if there is presently little fanfare from our side about it all…we are busy all round, but thought this to be worthy of a mention!

c) Polygon/Matic strategic partnership – our wallet and the underlying platform, developed with Venly (previously Arkane) and using the Polygon layer 2 solution means really competitive transaction charges on purchases, think fractions of a cent, rather than several dollars- a super attractive service to offer gamers.  See our most recent blog post about the Polygon partnership, Polygon tweet.

2. An independent valuation of the business-and why it might matter

a) The ‘tech’ sector specialist business which offers portfolio investment to its members is conducting due diligence with a view to a valuation.

b) Compliance with the requirements to enable this to be achieved, potentially regardless of the eventual outcome, is secondary to the fact that Gaimin is completely compliant. All legals, accountancy, incorporation and fitness for purpose boxes are appropriately checked and boxes ticked.

3. Game-changing decisions on the route to formal launch / listing

a)  A decentralised exchange (DEX) with full transparency of transactions represents what we believe will be the best route to market. It is less subject to “market making forces” and in turn stands to return greater rewards.

b)  A utility token is the token of choice, rather than a crypto coin/token we believe. Gaimin aims to be a utility service, not subject to variations in the broader currency markets and operating in a sector that is not pandemic sensitive either.  A win for common, and commercial good sense.

c)  Further key decisions will be taken over the coming weeks, however, to do this properly, we anticipate that the additional time (we are looking at Q4 2021) is going to be time well spent. We will be issuing more detailed updates on progress towards launch and further updates on progress with software updates, functionality, and marketing paths in the very near future.

All factors considered, with the overriding ethos of doing it right, we just had to do it this way.