Calvin Adamus, Chief Product Officer, was interviewed by Hashnet Korea, leading Korean media company, together with who are based in Singapore, on the development of’s gaming platform. Calvin described as “Starting a New Blockchain Gaming Evolution”. is a gaming company that was founded in Manchester, England, towards the end of 2017, where ICOs had been rampant and when money had been easy to raise., unfortunately, missed that opportunity due to focusing on developing their unique selling point and putting the foundational aspects of the business into place, such as the structure, regulation, and compliance.

The journey for began to transition as the team started to focus on creating a platform that would allow gamers to manage their in-game digital assets, social media, training, mining along with the sharing of their GPU. This change also lead them to explore the South Korea market for the first time in the middle of 2019.

(Martin Speight shares gamification knowledge at World Smart City Expo 2019.)

While gaining popularity with the gaming community in South Korea, they decided to carry out an initial IEO with Borabit, an exchange based in Seoul. The result completely exceeded expectations, with all available 2,000,000 GMRX tokens being taken up in merely 15 minutes. continued to focus on the Korean market by holding their own meet up where more than 100 people gathered at the Huobi Coffee House on a rainy day waiting for’s latest development updates. Furthermore, Martin Speight, the CEO, was invited to be part of a panel at the World Smart City Expo 2019 where they met more gamers from both Korea and China.

The increase within their Chinese community gave confidence to to carry out a second IEO, which was completed on Nazadax, a China-based exchange. On this occasion, all available 4,000,000 GMRX tokens were taken up within 10 minutes. This sets a new milestone for the company.

( sells all 4,000,000 tokens within 10 minutes on

Calvin is the ideas man behind, who originally came out with the concept. The product team has been developing the various modules for well over a year now. The gamer user interface is beginning to take shape, and the platform has taken on a completely new look following the incredibly successful alpha testing. “We are almost ready to enter the beta test phase and have hundreds of gamers who already signed up to take part.”

“We feel that what we have at is unique. We are starting a new blockchain gaming evolution! Gamers will have a one-stop-shop for all their gaming needs with the marketplace for buying, selling, and renting in-game assets, a one of a kind feature. Every gamer that we have spoken to at many events across different continents have expressed their excitement at the concept and embraced the idea.”

“I am also delighted to be invited to the 7th World Blockchain Summit MARVELS 2019 where I met my friend Anndy Lian for the very first time. He spoke well on the stage and created some sparks by giving alternate perspectives. I am happy to also meet with Park Bong-kyu, founder of the World Blockchain Summit and Chairman of the Korea eSports Industry Association. Park’s enthusiasm to help, bridging Asia, and Europe gamers, gives a competing advantage to our business model. This partnership in the future is a confidence booster for our community!” Calvin exclaimed with excitement.

Chang Nyoung Suh, CEO of Hashnet also commented. “I am happy to meet with promising projects from overseas. I am also happy that South Korea is the hub for everyone to meet on blockchain matters.”(Anndy Lian spoke at 7th World Blockchain Summit MARVELS, Seoul 2019)

Anndy Lian, Author of the book Blockchain Revolution 2030 who spoke at the event, added that he was pleased to see’s growth in the last few months. “I got to know of this project through Sander de Bruijn, their Asia Investor Relations Chief. They have worked very hard together. The founding team is also incredible. I have the privilege to witness’s growth from zero to one and now into a unique blockchain gaming value proposition. They are determined to grow despite going through numerous ups and downs, from investors playing them out, to gaining a strategic alliance with the esports association in South Korea. This is, and they will continue to strive in these difficult times.”

Hashnet Korea took video for the first part of the interview. did the second part of the interview and arranged it into text. will be in Korea soon to interact with their supporters and update all their Asian Community. For more information and the latest developments, visit .