and Asian Initial Exchange Offering  investors asymmetric rewards? hurtles towards its IEO on Asian markets convinced that it has the right products and structure to offer investors the potential for considerable gains, also known as “asymmetric rewards”.


The model


Gaimin partners with gamers using their downtime GPU capacity to provide computational power to the worldwide market where demand continues to outstrip supply.  Computational power (CP) is touted to be the worldwide resource most at risk of being declared in short supply.  This resource is used unseen in so many industries and applications, for data, for 3D rendering, academic research simulations and so much more besides.


Development has demonstrated a scalable software to deploy spare GPU power to mine the blockchain and to increase the infrastructure capabilities for the market at large.  It has also demonstrated profitability for the gamers signing up to’s app to provide CP.


The Opportunity


Gaimin, its stakeholders, development partners and advisors are all pulling together to bring this innovative solution to the markets, content that Alpha testing has confirmed viability.  As such, and given the massive potential for this model, the possibility of large scale rewards for small scale investments in the upcoming IEO are expected to be asymmetric for early on-boarders.




Forged by long standing entrepreneurs who have worked together over tens of years, is a combination of business-savvy heads with complete enthusiasm for the project. Gaimin has been formed, registered and validated by professional bodies and has been building steadily and thoroughly towards its Initial Exchange Offering, which is planned to be the first stepping stone to full deployment of the opportunity. says


“We are gratified that a number of our development partners have invested in and joined us in our enterprise.  We have the skill sets needed in-house, and a fantastic team of advisors to further ensure our success.

We are all happy that we have something real and vital to be a part of, and we look forward to onboarding our first investors from the open markets to give added impetus to working capital already invested by individual investors  There is a clear development pathway for the coming months.”