Welcome everyone! is stepping up its game, with an exciting IEO in the near future. And big plans after that! We think it’s about time we properly introduce ourselves. Starting with the Founders! Today, Clive Aroskin, COO, the Operations Officer has joined us. Hi Clive, can you give an introduction of yourself?

Clive: Hi, I am English, have been an entrepreneur with my own businesses for almost 30 years now, working all over the world. My core field of expertise is that of operations and logistics with a healthy background in sales and marketing.

I originally began my career after graduating, as an engineer programming robots in the car industry before working with companies in the CAD / CAM (Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing) field to market their software.

After that, I worked with American and Chinese manufacturers that wanted to bring their products into the European market. I helped develop the sales teams, built the distributor support network and coordinated the various country approvals, product pricing and marketing which is actually where I first met Martin and Calvin. So you’ve known each other quite a long time then?

Clive: Yes, all of the founders have known each other for many years. I have known Martin and Calvin for over 25 years. We first met when we were working for the same company in Holland, before working together in German, Italy, France, Belgium, Spain …. That’s a lot of countries?

Clive: Yes, and we’ve even lived and worked together in China, Hong Kong, the US and Canada. I’ve also known and worked together with Andrew for over 15 years, so we are a solid team. We’ve been through a great deal together, all of us, with some great highs and some rather challenging lows. In fact we probably know more about each other than our partners in some ways. So exactly when did you get involved in Gaimin, and why?

Clive:  Calvin and Martin started speaking to me about the concept towards the end of 2016 and I immediately knew that it was a winner. As a friend, I offered advice and suggestions over the coming weeks and I suppose that it was natural that they asked me to come on board (Clive laughs). I think that was at the end of 2016, I can’t really remember which month exactly to be honest. Why was it natural to ask you?

Clive:  Well their strengths are not in setting up a company; legals, foundation, operations, logistics etc., etc., etc. I’m the detail guy for that side of a business and I spent over 15 years working for the personal development speaker Anthony Robbins on European events dealing with operations and logistics, it’s what I’m good at. When they asked me to join them, it was a no brainer. I’d already said that I thought it was a winner and I really believed that I would bring a lot to the table What’s your view on the blockchain and gaming?

Clive:  Incredibly exciting! Martin was the one who introduced me to bitcoin back in 2015 and kept saying how it could change the world. It wasn’t until a year later that I really began to understand the possibilities although I was still focused on an Amazon business that I had. The more I looked and understood how and where it could be used, the more excited I became. Gaming on the other hand is totally new to me. I’m the only one on the team that has never been attracted to gaming. I think that’s because I have an addictive personality. If I had ever become a gamer, it would have taken over my life and I would have been lost down that rabbit hole. In fact, I was astounded by the figures for the number of gamers, the turnover of the gaming companies, the sheer size of the market. As soon as I began to understand this, I then fully saw Gaimin’s potential and the possibilities. When you are able to combine the two, which we are, then it’s all about how well we can develop the concept and role it out across the world. So why have you started your global roll-out in the Asian Market?

Clive: That’s a simple answer. The opportunity presented itself to us to work with an incredible advisor who knows the Asian market extremely well. He looked at Gaimin, liked the concept and suggested that the timing was right for us to launch an IEO onto an exchange in that region. When you realise the size of gaming in Asia, the understanding and acceptance of crypto and blockchain, you realise that it should always have been our objective.  Martin and I both can’t wait to return to China, Singapore, Hong Kong and to visit Japan and Korea. We loved everything about the time we spent there. Why are you primarily focussing on gamers?

Clive: Well firstly gamers have the largest source of unused computer processing power on the planet and it will only ever get bigger. There are over a billion gaming PCs in the world, which for most of the day sit there doing nothing while their owner is at work, sleeping, at school or doing something else. Most gamers have spent large amounts of money on a resource that they only ever use for a few hours a day or week. Often they’ve bought the most expensive computer that they can afford, with the most expensive components so that they can have the best gaming experience possible. The power that these PCs have is extraordinary. After that, I began to realise that they are all digital savvy. They know what tokens are, in fact it’s simply the way that the gaming world works with people buying and selling in-game assets with digital currency. Everyone within the gaming community is sociable. No-one plays an online game by themselves. It’s a social experience and that means that we can target gamers easily both on and offline, through influencers and at conventions like the Madrid Games Week that we were at last October. What is the most exciting part about Gaimin for you?

Clive: We are creating a win – win situation for everyone involved. The gamers’ computers will simply be used when the gamer is not gaming without any noticeable impact on wear and tear of the components. In fact our research has shown that most gamers upgrade their machines well before they have reached their ‘end of life’ making that aspect irrelevant. The gamers themselves will be rewarded so that they are able to receive what is effectively a passive income, allowing them to completely pay for their passion and experience.

Then there is the use of the computational power and the possibilities are just endless. Although of course with this, will come responsibilities which the board are fully aware of. As the number of gamers on board grows and we have vast deployable computational power, we are already beginning to realise that there will soon come a time where we have to decide how it is used. We definately do not want it to be used for mapping out the movements of whales so that they can be killed or for creating navigational systems for nuclear weapons. The need in academia and for research into climate change is substantial and perhaps we will be able to deploy the power into effective interventions alongside the fun part, that of rendering the latest 4K movies and the validation of blockchain transactions. Now that I hadn’t expected Clive. So where do you see yourself in the next 3-5 years?

Clive: I’m actually a very analogue kind of guy in this digital world. I see myself working with Bev Warburton, who is one of our key Advisors (linked in profile link), running the Gaimin esports team alongside planning, creating and sponsoring worldwide gaming events. We would like to get to know the founders better, so what is your favourite pass-time?

Clive: Drifting would you believe. I have an old BMW touring car that I drift around circuits in the UK. I’m no expert but I have a teacher that is in the British Drift Championships, Jason Clark, so I’m improving all the time Would you like to share a quote with our audience that has inspired you?

Clive: It would have to be Anthony Robbins ”It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped” Thank you for your time Clive! You have given us new knowledge on Gaimin and we got to know you a little better. Thank you once again!