As part of its strategic business objective to become the leading gaming technology company, GAIMIN announces a plug-in and metaverse environment that enables blockchain technology and NFTs to be used within Minecraft.

GAIMIN has developed a gaming and technology platform that delivers blockchain and NFT technology to gamers and game studios whilst providing a mechanism for gamers to passively generate rewards based on the processing power of their gaming PC. The GAIMIN platform incorporates a Windows-based software application to allow users/gamers to generate rewards whilst they play. GAIMIN’s “P2E 2.0″, the next evolution in play to earn (where you earn even when you are not playing!) platform utilises the processing power in a gamers high performance PC to access GAIMIN’s distributed data processing network and generate rewards for the gamer in the form of GAIMIN’s GMRX token. These rewards can be used to acquire in-game assets, in the form of NFTs from GAIMIN’s marketplace or converted to other crypto or fiat currencies when GMRX is imminently launched on crypto exchanges.

GAIMIN’s Minecraft plug-in delivers a dedicated metaverse for GAIMIN’s Minecraft players and enables these gamers to utilise NFTs and blockchain based components within Minecraft and thus benefit from any NFT investments they make, utilising their GMRX rewards to acquire assets. Blockchain technology allows gamers to acquire, store, use, sell, rent and stake their NFT assets across games and applications that incorporate blockchain technology and NFTs in their software, ensuring these assets are potentially reusable across different games and the GAIMIN ecosystem.

Martin Speight, CEO of GAIMIN explained, “GAIMIN is a gaming and technology company. Our business has been developed for gamers by gamers. In 2021 we successfully tested our technology to utilise the processing power available from the GPU in a gaming PC, which generates revenue for GAIMIN and rewards the gamer for the use of their device. As part of the development of our gaming platform, we wanted to provide our users with the facility to utilise their rewards within the games they play.

Joseph Turner, GAIMIN’s Chief Gaming Officer, stated “Minecraft is our first target for blockchain and gaming technology. We have developed our own Metaverse environment for Minecraft fully based on blockchain and NFT technology. Minecraft gamers can access our Minecraft environment through the GAIMIN platform, play Minecraft and passively generate GMRX rewards for in-game use, improving their gaming experience whilst ensuring any assets they acquire are not lost and can be used outside of Minecraft.

Martin concluded, “Minecraft is our first target for blockchain and gaming technology. We have plans to expand our technology to other game ecosystems and are in the process of developing an SDK for developers using the Unreal Game platform to utilise blockchain and NFTs within Unreal games. This will allow interoperability of NFT assets across different gaming ecosystems, allowing gamers to retain their investment in gaming assets which are not lost when a gamer changes games.”

The GAIMIN platform with Minecraft blockchain and NFT updates will be launched in February 2022 following the listing of GAIMIN’s GMRX token. The GAIMIN.IO website allows users to register their interest and be updated on the release of the platform.