Now you would not expect a bank to gravitate to crypto currencies as options for a mainstream portfolio, would you?

SEBA raised huge chunks of startup capital, north of $100m,  based on the reputations and track records of its founders. Crypto took all of the lazy headlines, with everyone looking for the breakthrough event when crypto and blockchain finally get mainstream recognition and traction.


A traditional FIAT currency bank and Crypto hybrid, is that even possible?

“With safety, transparency and performance as core values” Guido Buehler, the CEO of Seba has stated


Crypto does what FIAT doesn’t, at most given points in time.  It is therefore a counterbalance in any asset based portfolio, argues SEBA.


SEBA identifies that adding a swirl of BTC into the investor portfolio recipe can result in better returns, smoothing out the peaks and troughs of FIAT based stock market fluctuations.


All of which thinking was apparent when Gaimin considered where to bank in Switzerland.  It was not a shoo-in, the application process was thorough and Gaimin were heartened that their approach to compliance, regulatory along with reporting and registration with official bodies was exactly the right preparation in making their application.


Gaimin was taken by the SEBA ethos, offering and the commercial case – a banking partner which was a byword for probity.


Stability, provenance, technical capabilities and the team behind any business wanting to be a SEBA client was a basic assumption.


Gaimin, with their innovative, driving, tenacious, creative thinking, yet aspiring to the highest standards whilst  demonstrating compliance and a commitment to doing things properly.  At least that is how they have been described recently by others including the Godfather of Blockchain Alexander Shulgin.


Gaimin has a suite of services, and will generate income in multiple currencies, with an anticipated gathering of momentum and high volume of transactions.  Gaimin needed to be in safe but innovative and adaptable hands. SEBA presents itself as “The Bank for the new economy”.  At Gaimin that is exactly what they aim to be part of.  Decision made.


Oh, and Gaimin are now approved by and using SEBA as their bank.  They are delighted to be on board.