Welcome everyone! Gaimin.io continues to up their game, with big plans ahead! We think it’s about time we introduced a key advisor to our followers. Simon Quirke is an FCA approved Compliance Officer and CEO of USG UK. Hi Simon, can you give an introduction of yourself?

Simon: Hi Melody, I started in the city in 1986 working in the Asian Derivatives market and since then have covered finance from many different angles including running sales trading teams & hedgefunds as well as becoming an IFA and being involved with venture capitalists, invariably Asian-focused. I am now, however, back in the UK running a FCA regulated CFD company, and have qualified as a compliance officer.

Blockcast.cc: So I believe you’ve been with the team since almost day one. What piqued your interest?

Simon: Yes, I was introduced to Clive by a very good mutual friend of ours who suggested to me that these guys had a very interesting idea & although they had the technical know-how could probably benefit from a little of ‘real-world’ financial experience. Having spoken to the founders, the simplicity and the obvious commercial upside of the project appealed to me hugely.

Blockcast: Do you think that “poacher turned gamekeeper” is a fair summary of you? It seems rather unusual that a brand new company would bring onboard a role like yours, almost from the start. What do you think that says about the Gaimin.io team and what it has to offer?

Simon: To put your question in a nutshell you are asking whether a company like Gaimin needs a regulatory oversight. The simple answer is yes. The scrutiny of monetary transactions has historically never been so vigilant as it is currently and when you bring crypto currency into the equation one has to make sure that all of your processes are rigorously compliant.

Blockcast.cc: So you feel that Gaimin.io have an exciting project with great potential

Simon: Yes, without a doubt, the best ideas are normally the most simple. This project ‘borrows’ latent assets, rents them out and pays the owner. What can be more simple and commercial?

Blockcast.cc: How do you think your services will enable Gaimin.io to prosper and what kind of difficulties do you feel you will be able to help them navigate them through?

Simon: Although my role is that of an advisor, I have and will continue to advise the founders as to the potential regulatory pitfalls and ensure that the project is designed in such a way as to comply with the best of current compliance practise. Although I give my advice freely and this role is unpaid my faith in the project is such that I have strong conviction that the value of my allotted tokens will far out-weigh any salary that I could have commanded.

Blockcast.cc: So, given your experience, you would think that you were pretty good at picking a winner? And as this is an exciting new sector, what made Gaimin.io appeal to you?

Simon: As I mentioned earlier, the simplicity and commercial potential of this project was very enticing. The fact that the group of founders possess a huge amount of knowledge, covering all aspects of this industry and the fact that they have been so diligent & stalwart in their pursuit of success.

Blockcast.cc: What’s your view on the blockchain and gaming?

Simon: I’m probably a little too old to understand gaming properly although having three sons means that I am aware that it is very prolific. Blockchain, I understand better and there is no doubt in my mind that this is something which will change and enhance many industries, governments, supply chains etc., etc. Being one of the first in any trend is always a good idea.

Blockcast.cc: What is the most exciting part about Gaimin.io for you?

Simon: Gaimin are creating a win – win situation for everyone involved. The gamers’ computers will simply be used when the gamer is not gaming without any noticeable impact on wear and tear of the components. In fact their research has shown that most gamers upgrade their machines well before they have reached their ‘end of life’ making that aspect irrelevant. The gamers themselves will be rewarded so that they are able to receive what is effectively a passive income, allowing them to completely pay for their passion and experience.

Hash power is an exceptionally valuable asset with a multitude of uses and therefore the reservoir of hash power that Gaimin will control has the most enormous potential.

Blockcast.cc: On a lighter note, we would like to get to know all the team better, what is your favourite pass-time?

Simon: Rugby and watching my boys play rugby

Blockcast.cc: Would you like to share a quote with our audience that has inspired you?

Simon: Rudyard Kipling


Blockcast.cc: Thank you for your time Simon! You have given us a really good understanding of what you do and how you help with Gaimin.io’s regulatory strategy. Thank you once again!