Hey guys, as you have noticed we are in full preparation for our listing, which will be “soon” – We know that there are many Bounty Hunters and Airdroppers who are in possession of our EOS GMRX tokens.

In this document we will share with you the steps to follow for “swapping” your EOS GMRX to Hedera Hashgraph GMRX tokens. It will be an easy process but it must be done with a lot of care, no mistakes can be made as it will result in permanent loss of your tokens.

The 5 Steps of the Swapping Process

Step 1: Go to Gaimin.io/swap
Step 2: Fill in your details
Step 3: Check email
Step 4: Send tokens
Step 5: Wait until tokens get in HBAR wallet (60 days after listing)


  • Swaps must be done before 31st March 2022
  • Gaimin is not responsible for the swap
  • You will need to have your HBAR wallet address in order to receive your new tokens

Swapping Process – Step by Step

Step 1: Go to this webpage: https://gaimin.io/swap

Step 2: Complete the details on the page as indicated

  1. Enter your EOS account name (wallet)
  2. Enter your HEDERA HASHGRAPH account name (wallet)
  3. Enter your First Name and Last Name 
  4. Enter your email address 
  5. Amount of tokens to swap 
  6. Double check everything
  7. Click the SUBMIT button

Important Disclaimer: Incorrect details will result in the permanent loss of your GMRX tokens, therefore please double check everything very carefully before you click on the SUBMIT button.

Step 3: Check your email, you will have received a confirmation email with all the details you entered in step 2.

Step 4: You now need to send your EOS tokens to our GAIMIN EOS wallet and include in the description your email address and your HBAR wallet address.

Step 5: You will receive your new GMRX tokens in your HBAR wallet address 60 days after listing.

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