EOS and Gaimin, a natural match,  Gaimin and Phil Mesnier (EOS core development team) were both convinced…

Having spent several days with Phil Mesnier and his team at OCI, Object Computing at their home in St. Louis, Gaimin choice of EOS as the platform was inevitable.

The EOS platform and Gaimin have so much in common with the communities they operate in.

Gaimin seeks a community of like minded gamers to contribute computational power to blockchain mining.  It matters who we work with, in that they will get proven rewards by using the Gaimin application.

EOS has a worldwide community of developers working, when called for, in collaboration- to extend the applications that EOS can be put to…The community is working so it all works better.  It is a natural match up.

The internal market for gamers where wits are pitted and battles are joined, by teams and individuals are microcosms of larger communities, synergy, if you like. Consider:

  • A development community
  • A mining community
  • A gaming community
  • A trading community

That is what attracted Gaimin to EOS.  Well, not just that, let’s include:

  • Influence – over 70% actions by volume on blockchain activity
  • Super fast and scalable blockchain actions
  • Free transaction costs (well as near as, and so much less than any alternative platform) because…

There are other factors too:

  • Stake don’t buy, innovation in action- you don’t pay for a blockchain contract, you pay for the things that make it real like CPU and RAM.
  • Financial base – the foundations are on block.one, which is “good for $12 billion”
  • In a language that can be understood- proof of stake, account names, account recovery, and self governing, keeping threats minimised or isolated

It all feels right: Gaimin’s ethos is similar to the community where it is targeting its marketing and looking to gain its resources and offer its products.

Whether making the decision about EOS with the head, or the heart, the answer is a YES! From Gaimin.