Earning Cryptocurrency Through China’s Anti-Addiction Gaming Regulations

New limitations have been set in place by the Chinese government for gaming and tech companies like Tencent, who owns stakes in Riot Games, Epic Games, Activision-Blizzard and other successful gaming companies. These regulations will restrict underage players from spending too much time playing video games, even though video games released in China are heavily censored regarding violence, gore, political messages, spiritualism and more.

Take Riot Games, for example. In the new system, they’re being forced to implement into the Chinese version of League of Legends, players under 18-years-old can’t play for any longer than two hours at a time. This system can also stop them from playing the game during certain day time hours. However, Tencent isn’t the only company that needs to meet these regulations in order to stay on the Chinese government’s good side. For years, World of Warcraft’s Chinese servers have implemented playtime restrictions for underage players.

While this is a concern for players who want to dive into the League of Legends world for several hours at a time, it’s not a bad situation to be in when you consider companies like Gaimin that now exist. When you participate in the Gaimin community, you can earn rewards by allowing them to use your computer’s CPU and GPU power to run high-performance systems around the world! Once your allotted two hours of gaming are up, bask in the rewards you’ll receive until it’s time to play again. Gaimin earns you cryptocurrency when you’re not using your computer.