Gamers worldwide are excited at the news that Credits and Gaimin have teamed up and are in the midst of creating something innovative and game-changing.

Earlier this year, Credits and Gaimin explored opportunities for working together with both parties signing a Memorandum of Understanding. Now just a few short months later Credits has become the blockchain of choice for Gaimin and the migration is about to become a reality.

Gaming and gamers are seen by many as having the potential to unlock the adoption of the blockchain for the masses.

Gamers, GPU hash power, in-game transactions, a range of people and services on a robust and scalable blockchain – and Credits is a winning combination.

“Since I became involved with the Credits project, I have always firmly believed that they would achieve great things. The Gaimin platform will look to utilize Credits Smart Contracts for transferring tokens, rewards, payouts and much, much more, along with making the user experience seamless, fast, safe and secure” remarked Arjan Eikelenboom, Partnership Director at

Gaimin is a project that connects the world’s largest supply of GPU processing power, which belongs to the 1.3 billion gaming PCs in the global gaming community, with the rapidly growing, worldwide demand for massive processing power. Gaimin offers rewards to gamers in return for monetizing their resources, both in the form of tokens to buy in-game assets as well as digital and real-world purchasing power. The computational power generated can then be directed to customers for essential computation, rendering, modelling functions, and much, much more.

When Gaimin needs transactions, Credits can supply the infrastructure and capabilities with full scalability

Key components of the Gaimin project include blockchain-powered digital marketplace and community. Their platform consists of six core components, outside of the fundamental monetization function, these are:

● A wallet based on Credits blockchain
● Games platform
● Decentralized digital game asset marketplace
● Communication/chat program
● Social media control panel
● Music panel

All of which requires a fast, scalable, robust, and adaptable blockchain solution to ensure optimal performance.

This partnership demanded robust capabilities

What Gaimin needs:
The mission of is to become the “Uber” of processing power – the No1 company on the planet for the passive monetization of a gamer’s high powered computer resources, for which they will be rewarded with purchasing power to fund their gaming experience. All of this happening seamlessly, fast, secure, and without disturbing any aspect of the user’s gameplay!

What Credits can provide
An open-source, fully decentralized blockchain software protocol with smart contracts aimed at the creation of high-performance applications. Unique new consensus algorithm – PoA (Proof of Agreement) based on BFT conception, new data transmission protocol and many more. Best for microtransactions, mass financial payments, tokens issuing and storing data on the blockchain.