Could the CoVid-19 kill the internet?

The evidence so far is…probably not

Taking the UK as an example that is.

No need to hold your breath, we are not going to run out of bandwidth any time soon.

School kids home jabbing at tablets, homeworkers bashing the keys and doing all manner of intensive tasks, gamers disappearing down gaming rabbit holes and STILL there is plenty of capacity left.

And it is the streaming of sport, movies and video that we can thank for that.  In the UK (where Gaimin is registered) consumer habits reformed the capacity planning for broadband, and it is therefore in a pretty good place, ensuring that these high bandwidth demand services would have plenty of capacity.   That said, video streaming companies can vastly reduce bandwidth to keep their customers viewing across the board.  Albeit in slightly lower quality.  So there is wiggle room.

No need for network expansion at present.

It will be interesting to see how things develop.  Gaming is something that holds the attention and offers much of what the outside world usually provides.  Hanging out with friends, messaging, belonging to groups, swapping tips, and generally being human.  It is likely to be a continuous and growing demand on internet bandwidth.

And talking more about gaming:

E3 has been cancelled in its physical form.  Assuming it goes online in some form at least, it would be a massive undertaking requiring massive bandwidth.  If not others of its kind and other different events will be migrating online too, so demand is set to grow and grow.  Equally true as more continents, nations, cities and towns enter lock down.

So this thing has a long way to run, one might say “A developing story”.  Human interaction is necessary and there are ways of adapting to what life under lockdown is like.

Thank goodness for the internet, it gives a way for people to communicate, and carry on the parallel universe to a normal life.  Not normal but with enough normal to keep us, hopefully, sane.