Could gaming and gamers be about to shred any remaining stigma thanks to CoVid19?

We need to find ways to keep life and soul together, after all “no (wo)man is an island”.

Funny how in so-called normal times, gamers are often stigmatized as loners.  And now it appears that they are in fact super social.

The rising tide that is MMO or massively multi-player online sees more and more people connecting worldwide.  And this can mean in the next block, county, country or continent.

It just goes to show the all-pervasive phenomenon that gaming has become.  And the fact that it offers an online connect with a readymade interest group or community of like-minded souls.

You only have to be, or live on an island if you want to.  (Or have zero access to ‘tech’.)

the world of gaming can be accessed through phone, computer and laptop keyboards  and controllers or consoles…

The future of social society could be turned on its head by the present pandemic.  This article asserts that we are in a transitional stage en-route to the Multiverse, the truly social online world facilitated and made possible by gaming technology.

Consider this quotation in the above article by Eric Peckham

“This transition centers on the merging of gaming and social media and leads to a new model of virtual worlds that are directly connected with our physical world, instead of isolated from it.”

Let’s consider that for a moment.  The interweaving of the physical and virtual worlds.  We won’t have to leave the house to leave the house.

Whilst we are not ready yet, according to the author either societally or technology wise, a change is going to come.  And Eric Peckham is releasing a string of articles to further delve into this inevitability, as he sees it.

Should be interesting.