This makes commercial and social sense, to the team developing the platform.

Identity, values, ethics, opportunities, stronger together, many things are shared and gained by belonging to a community.  An overarching community has not been achieved in the gaming world.  Sure there are tribes, fanatics, and so forth.  However the power of the wider community is untapped despite being there in many iterations.  Consider this for example which certainly got Clive Aroskin’s (Chief Operating Officer) thinking kick started.

The formation of a community has been a deliberate act waiting to happen, but it won’t without a hefty shove.  The nostalgia for collaboration and social interaction from gaming through the past 40 or so years is well reflected in this article.  Gaimin believes that with their opportunity a community is almost inevitable.  Gaimin can offer the protection and care to help it to grow.

The core values and main goal of the community is simply to give back to gamers.  Gamers, for the past decade, have been taken advantage of, with very little given back to the community.  Gaimin is looking to change that with the first truly designed platform, with its basis of rewarding gamers, and helping them with their passion; through, in-game assets, hardware and software.  With the global range of their community, Gaimin will be able to reach as many gamers as possible in order to “pay-it-forward”.

By focusing on their Network Expansion rewards Plan, Gaimin will enable any gamer with a few friends (and what gamers don’t have a ‘few’ friends) to create a realistic income that will contribute towards or totally pay for any in-game asset wanted. “This plan will require time, hard work, effort and a genuine desire to give back” the CEO (Martin Speight) responded when asked.


He, Clive, Calvin and Andrew, four of the founders of Gaimin have extensive experience of building and developing teams of distributors and sales forces in previous businesses.  “This will be my greatest challenge by far, since even though I’ve worked all over the world, I feel that the gaming community could experience so much more than simply a common interest.” says Martin, who attributes his attitude change to an article he read about a gamer with a terminal illness. Upon his death, the parents were contacted by people from all over the world wanting to attend the funeral and told of the impact that their son had had on their lives and the community that he had created.

Gaimin has every intention of providing an environment where gamers can thrive and have a sense of belonging outside of any particular game or competition. By rewarding gamers for simply leaving their machines on when not gaming, the processing power can be used to solve issues from academic research to meteorological storm patterns through to rendering the latest 4K movie.

In fact as the company progresses, it could well be that the gamers themselves are asked what projects they would like their power to be used for. A well-known adventurer with a base of over 2 billion fans is currently producing a series of movies. Those fans, many of whom are gamers and have gaming PCs could simply be asked to help their ‘hero’ to render his movie and receive instant personalised payback. How cool would that be?

With the formation of the large Gaimin community, it is also important to note the tokenomics of Gaimin, and how it will be helping gamers feed their passion, via the GMRX token. GMRX is a token with the primary function of being a digital “currency” to be used on and other associated platforms as the exclusive method of payment for all transactions.

Token Sale info:

 The key elements to take note of are:

(i) the 30% allocation to the company used as a reserve to assist with unfavorable market conditions and balance the GMRX ecosystem, and

(ii) the 30% allocation to the “Kickstart Program” to help kickstart the community and incentivize the community to be active long-term members.  A large component to this is our bounty program which can be found on

Beyond that, the founders will take 15% and advisors/seed investors 5%, both groups have strong vestment periods in order to claim all of their allotted tokens.

The remaining 20% is for investors and the general public to purchase via token sale events.  Get ready for our IEO, where you can be a part of this revolutionary business.