is being selected by Biconomy to be the first project that kick starts their First Initial Exchange Offering (IEO). The IEO process will begin on 19th January 2020.

Biconomy sees the IEO as one of several capital formation tools for the exchange after looking for suitable companies to begin the process until they found, a blockchain-powered gaming platform that reward gamers to use GPU when not being used for gaming.

“IEOs have already been supported by most of the major exchanges in the world. After exploring and examining the market, my team has decided to walk the path of IEO for our community. We will only bring in quality projects to excite our supporters. Gaimin is our top choice, and when they agreed to our value proposition in October 2019, we were overwhelmed,” David Jung, CMO, Biconomy stated during the interview.

Biconomy, a Canadian-based cryptocurrency exchange, was founded in August 2019 with a global mindset. They already have offices in South Korea, Japan, Russia and United Kingdom. The team is dedicated to providing professional and secure trading experiences for their community of 100,000 registered users.

A poll took place on 31 December 2019, to determine the date of the IEO. A total of 1,000 registered users participated in the poll, and a total of 538 users chose 19 January 2020.