September 3rd, 2019, Seoul, Korea


In one of the most interesting AMAs, Martin Speight, CEO and Sander de Bruijn,  Investor Relations Asia & Europe answer all the key questions raised on their first live web conference event in Seoul, Korea in front of an active and excited audience to discuss Gaimin’s proven concept, strong investment potential, and experienced team.


The 55 minute question and answer period reviewed the most important and key questions that the audience had requested.  Martin reviewed why Gaimin has chosen Korea as their launchpad, a full review of the roadmap was described, monetization, gamification, market place and the most interesting and exciting session however was about Gaimin’s selection process for their fist exchange and why they chose to lead the way. 


Martin mentioned that their GMRX token will be publicly on sale through starting this Saturday, September 7th at 12:00 noon, Korean Standard Time (KST).


Martin and Sander specifically traveled to Korea to meet the team from Borabit and establish all the details. After their initial in-person meeting, Martin said, “they’ve been fantastic to work with, they are a great exchange. They very much fit exactly the type of people we want to be working with right now; they are young, ambitious, move quickly, they handled some IEO’s flawlessly in the past but they are not too big, so that we don’t get little attention, they are the right size and growing.” He then went on to say, “they use artificial intelligence (AI) on the platform, so as soon as we started to talk about our project and explained that we were using artificial intelligence, there was a connection there as well. They are a perfect fit for us.”


The GMRX coin will only be offered to the public for a limited time. There will only be two million tokens sold during the initial offering on this Saturday. They will be on sale for a special price that will not be repeated in future sales.


Sander is expecting an enormous turnout and is urging anybody who is interested in this coin to set up an account on before Saturday: “You need to go and open an account on now and you need to register, need to go through the KYC and AML, the usual process; and you need to get some funds on your account so that you’re ready to make your transactions and get your tokens as soon as you can.” Sander explained during the Gaimin AMA.


For more information about the GMRX coin, please visit